The 3S Process


The optimization of Safety, Speed and Structure for excellence!!

After years of trial and error, SELKA finally came out with its very own system to handle forklift operations. The system is known as the 3S system. By following the 3S system, SELKA ensures an optimal output from your forklifts and not only in terms of performance. To simplify it, the 3S system works to achieve a safe environment of work for the operators, reduces downtime of the forklift, and provide informational data as well.

The benchmarks above can be achieved by striving for excellence in the three (3) factors by monitoring the forklift service aspects related to; SAFETY, SPEED & STRUCTURE. By maintaining standards in these 3 key parts, we have proven that the outcome produced for forklift performance is phenomenal.


Safety is always first. As the industrial space is evolving, the regulations for safety has also been equally increasing. Companies and authorities are making sure that the work environment for the staff has to be safe to reduce accidents. With the constant increment of safety rules, we at SELKA understand the importance to be on par with the trend as well. We have not only emphasized safety on new forklift but also ensured that our used forklifts and second-hand forklifts adhere to safety standards as well.

We will make sure our forklifts go through complete quality control before delivered for usage. Besides our forklifts for sale, our forklift rental fleet also has to pass the safety QC before being delivered for forklift rental at our customers’ locations. Our technicians who perform forklift repairs, forklift service and forklift maintenance are required to have complete PPE as well. We even provide forklift training, basic safety training and operator training to ensure our customers know how to operate the forklifts safely.


As we all know, “Time Is Money”. Even more so in the industrial line where every hour of wastage is considered costly. We at SELKA have realized the importance of forklifts in our customers’ day to day operations. A major reason for us to dominate the market for forklift rental Johor is how we give priority to speed in handling issues. For example, we have deployed some teams to be constantly on call to handle the breakdowns or issues arising from forklifts or used forklifts.

At any given time, we will have a team standby for forklift rental Pasir Gudang, for forklift rental Gelang Petah and many other major areas. This enables us to be always accessible in case of emergency. Another feature which enables us to be fast is our speed of replacing units. In the event a major breakdown occurs to any of our used forklifts or second-hand forklifts, we will immediately replace the unit with a temporary one as we have a large fleet of forklift and our forklift transport lorry. We also have a strategic and systemized repair manual that all our technicians should comply which also gives us a competitive advantage over others.


Although safety and speed are extremely important elements in the 3S system, the glue that brings the entire process together is in our Structure. This is a critical component of the 3S system. In this part of the process, we have guidelines and procedures on how operations should be conducted. Whether if it’s forklift repair work, forklift rental delivery, forklift gearbox overhaul, etc. we have procedures that all team members of SELKA should adhere to.

If technicians are to handle forklift troubleshoot problems at a customer site, they are required to follow our “7-step troubleshoot process” to ensure a standardized output. In the “Structure” segment of 3S, we also create a preventive maintenance plan for our new forklifts, used forklifts, second-hand forklifts and also our forklift rental. We strategically plan out the teams to carry out routine service accordingly. We also help customers who have their forklifts by creating maintenance plans for them as well. A key factor that helps our forklift rental customers understand their forklift better is the performance analyzer that they receive monthly. This chart helps show them the downtime, service dates and other important data related to the forklift rental.

These are the vital elements that help a forklift operation run efficiently. By emphasizing standards in the three elements which are speed, safety & structure; SELKA has derived a method to provide optimum service and performance for its customers with ease.

Go for 3S to eliminate your forklift headaches once and for all!!