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  • Bad habits of forklift operators can affect the efficiency and productivity of a company. Forklift operators can be one of the most important roles in the industrial world and also extremely hardworking people due their long hours shift and also highly physical demanding tasks. However, sometimes even the best forklift operators make mistakes and have bad habits that can affect the work flow of production. Thus, here are some examples of bad habits and also how to stop them.

Forklift Speed

Speed can be a useful and good thing to have in your work line, but sometimes speed can be a dangerous and bad thing give the circumstances. Operators must remember to control their speed at inclines, around sharp turns and also while carrying loads. Controlled speeds are vital in wet weather and conditions where vision is limited. If your operators develop this bad habit its best to change the habit now. It’s better to sacrifice some speed to increase your safety.

Forklift operators who do not pay attention to surroundings and no safety standards

Operators sometimes overlook basic safety procedures such as using signals while turning, not looking behind them while backing up and not using safety restraints. This stems from the operators assuming the workplace risks are generally low and these practices are not needed. But the scary thing is that this is how dangerous accidents occur. We must overcome and fix these bad behaviors.

Forklift operators with no proper training

Operators that are not certified or even qualified should be in charge of handling equipment. Companies need to start give importance to certification and qualification for their employees. We should hire and appoint employees with proper training to complete a task especially crucial one.

Ignoring the rules 

There are certain safety violations that should be taken seriously such standing in front of a forklift or riding on top of a fork of a forklift. These rules should be enforced cause many operators take their safety for granted. They are confident that their surrounding conditions are safe and they overlook these rules. But management should be strict with their rules and regulations.


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