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Forklift Rental in Nilai

Forklift Rental in Nilai

Promotional rental forklift services in Nilai and the specialty of Selka

  • Here is some good news for every forklift user. We, Selka Equipment’s, have move to officially moved to Nilai. We are specialized in rental forklifts. I know what you’re thinking, what makes Selka so special about rental forklifts. So, that why I’m here to tell you the specialty of your forklifts.

The 3S System

We have developed our own 3S system after years of studying the industry.  We came up with this 3s to help people who are using forklifts. To give you a brief explanation, 3S stand for the 3 aspects that is important for every forklift service provider. Which is Safety, Speed and Structure. These 3 aspects combine will ensure a smooth process throughout renting forklifts from us. We will apply the 3S to rental forklifts in Nilai to bring a new aspect to the field.

The 8 steps refurbish process

All our imported units go through the 8-step refurbishment process will ensure your forklifts are in the best condition possible. What do we do throughout the whole process is that

First, we import the forklifts.

Second, we completely strip down the forklifts until its frame is left.

Third, we paint the base and also, we repair the axle of the forklifts.

Fourth, we fix back the tires back on to the forklifts.

Fifth, we overhaul the engine and gearbox to reduce the chances of the forklift having any problems or breaking down.

Sixth, we will fix back the engine and gearbox into the forklift.

Seventh, we will then do the wiring works and fixing other parts of the forklifts which are smaller.

Eighth, we will finally reinstall the mast and do the final paint work.

In the end, the forklift comes out looking completely brand new and we ensure that it performs at optimal condition.


The main important factor for rental forklift in Nilai is quality of the forklift. After implementing the 8 steps refurbish and 3S system into our forklifts, we can ensure you that with the price of a reconditioned forklift, you will be getting a forklift that is as good as new. We always try our best to keep up and improve our quality so our customers can the best service. With good forklifts, companies can boost they productivity and be more efficient in their daily tasks. Improving your forklift experience is our main goal for rental forklifts.

Special Packages and Promotions

We have developed and created many special rental packages and plans for our customers. We also will customize our plans to better suit your special requirements. We prioritize customer satisfaction highly in Selka because we know how hard it is to get a proper forklift plan and support you in your times of need. Here is something shocking, Selka also does special promotions such as below market price rates, operator manual and many more beneficial things. More importantly, we do preventive maintenance to reduce the risk of leakage or the forklift not starting. It’s always better to prevent than cure.


If you have any other questions regarding forklift please feel free to Contact us

E-mail: info@forkliftselka.com
Phone: +6011 – 6541 3232
Website: forkliftselka.com

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