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Forklift Rental in Johor

We are the best Forklift Rental in Johor, Nilai, Pasir Gudang. Selka has a new rental campaign which is extremely beneficial to any customers looking to rent a forklift for their operations without having to face any headaches. We have a brand new forklift rental plan which offers the customers to rent a new forklift for a very low and affordable price. That’s not all because by taking up these rental campaign customers will be provided a free operator manual for the rented forklift for the operators to learn on how to operate the forklift effective and efficiently.

Moreover, Selka will also provide a free basic safety & operator training for all the operators who will be operating the forklift. Finally, by choosing the rental campaign, you do not need to ever worry about routine service or any breakdowns because Selka has already come up with a super systematic preventive maintenance plan for the forklift which will 100% guarantee that there is 0 downtime.

The rental campaign is available for all types of forklifts which include battery forklifts, reach truck, diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts. Selka mainly prioritizes diesel forklift rental as it is the most commonly used forklift for rental here at Pasir Gudang, Johor. But some places such as Nusajaya are more used to battery forklifts and reach trucks.

Forklift Supplier in Johor

We are the best Forklift supplier in Johor, Nilai, Pasir Gudang. When it comes to forklift operations, many people face problems in handling their tasks. Our question is, why to go through so much headache. By going for forklift rental, we take care of all the problems, while you can focus on more important aspects of your business. There are many benefits when it comes to forklift rental as opposed to buying a forklift. The most important factor that many face issues with is having to deal with the selection and purchase of the forklift itself.

Most people make costly mistakes when it comes to buying a forklift. If you choose the wrong equipment, it can result in a waste of money & risk jeopardizing your operational costs as well. By choosing us as your trusted partner, we will be able to provide forklift rental that is best suited for your operations. Furthermore, by going for forklift rental, you will not have to deal with extra costs, such as spare parts, maintenance, tires and much more. When you choose us as your partner, we handle all the maintenance for you. Now, you won’t have the headache of looking for technicians if your forklift breaks down.

SELKA is an upcoming and dominating force for forklift rental Johor. We are specialists in managing various types of operations, as we have customers who deal with a different business. Ranging from warehousing, cold rooms, construction, indoor warehouses, and many more. So, with our 20 years of experience in this field, we will be able to provide you the best forklift along with the perfect maintenance plan to support your operations.

Incorporated in 1998, we are the leading company for forklift supplier Johor. We cover many areas in the state and can offer support services at a very fast pace. Most of our customers who use forklift rental in Johor are mainly from industrial areas. We provide many units for forklift rental Pasir Gudang as it is one of the largest industrial areas in the state. We also have many units provided for the forklift rental Gelang Patah area as well.

Besides that, we supply for forklift rental Nusa Cemerlang and forklift rental Gelang Patah as these are the other top locations for industrial companies in Johor. Besides forklift Johor, we also have another branch in Negeri Sembilan. Our new locations cover for forklift rental Nilai, for forklift rental Seremban and many other upcoming areas. Besides our decorated history of forklift rental & forklift services, the real key benefit to choosing us as your forklift supplier lies in our system. We recently released the 3S forklift system which provides you with total freedom from forklift headache as we emphasize every aspect to run your forklift as smooth as possible.

In conclusion, before purchasing your forklift evaluate the pros and cons of a better outcome. Both have their advantages & disadvantages.  But we do know one thing for sure if you decide to rent, SELKA is the best forklift supplier to assist you in a sustainable and efficient deal. Here is some critical information provided to our customers that can help them in deciding to select forklift rental.

Type Of Forklift & Capacity

There are only a few basic types of forklift and other equipment used in the industrial space. Additionally, the main forklift fuel types are Diesel, LPG and Electric/Battery. Depending on your business, we can guide you into selecting the best equipment suited for your operations.  At SELKA, we have all forklift types available for forklift sale and forklift rental.

The types of equipment are the following:

  • Diesel Forklifts: 1.5 ton to 50.0 ton
  • LPG Forklifts: 1.5 ton to 7 ton
  • Battery Forklifts: 1.0 ton to 3.0 ton
  • Battery Reach Truck: 1.0 ton to 2.5 ton
  • Power Pallet: 1.0 ton to 2.5 ton

Furthermore, forklifts come with a wide range of mast types. By contacting us, we will assist you to select the best forklift with the appropriate mast suited to for your operations

Duration Of Forklift Rental

We provide forklift rental for various durations; ranging from short term forklift rental to long term forklift rental. Our shortest duration is one (1) day forklift rental and up to 3-year long term lease contracts.


For Forklift Johor and forklift Seremban, we provide forklift rental to almost all areas situated in the state. To name a few main locations: –

And many other locations.

To summarize, to have a headache-free operation, do contact us for all your forklift rental necessities and SELKA will take care of the rest. We Forklift Selka always near you to help your forklift problems.