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What is a Container Mast forklift?

Most of you might already know what is a container mast forklift but for those of you who do not know what it is, this article will help
you understand it a bit more.
Container mast forklifts are most commonly known as the FSV forklift and also FREE-Lift forklift in forklift terms. Whereas a standard
mast forklift will be stated as V forklift.
Firstly, the main differences between a FSV forklift and a V forklift is the extra cylinder at the center of the mast which is known as the
Center Cylinder.

Container Mast forklift

Secondly, the mast height of a FSV forklift will be visibly shorter than a standard mast forklift. This is not the case for all forklifts because
some of them are designed with a shorter mast.

Container Mast Forklift


The main function of a FSV forklift is to allow you to drive inside a container and lift up your goods, without putting the mast of the forklift
through the roof of the container. Hence the term container mast.
This is possible due to the center cylinder in the middle because when you lift the first stage mast of a FSV forklift, the center cylinder is what
lifts up the mast. Thus enabling the first stage of the mast to lift up without lifting the overall mast.


  1. Allows users to unload containers easily without problems as the forklift will be able to enter inside a container.
  2. The overall height of the forklift is shorter, thus allowing it to move into short spaces.
  3. Even though the forklift may seem shorter visibly, a FSV forklift usually will be able to lift higher compared to a standard mast.
    This is because a FSV forklift will usually be 3 stages. Therefore, when completely lifted the forklift will be able to reach up to 4300 mm (4.3 m).
    Whereas, a standard mast forklift usually will be able to lift up to 4000 mm (4.0m).


  1. A container mast forklift has a center cylinder which will sometimes block the view of the forklift operator.

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1. Toyota 8FD30 FSV4300

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