Forklift For Sale


If you are looking to buy used forklifts anywhere in Malaysia, Selka would be the best place to start looking for your next forklift as the choices are many are versatile. The forklifts that are sold here are reconditioned to the highest quality.

Used forklifts are usually sold just like that but at Selka the used diesel forklifts go through the same 8 step refurbishment process (link to 8 step) in order to make sure the customer gets the best product they paid for. Diesel forklifts, Battery forklifts, Gas forklifts, Reach trucks and Stackers will normally be at stock at Pasir gudang Johor available for your viewing at any time.

Used forklift


If you are looking to buy a Used forklift, we’re pretty sure that you’re having the same dilemma as the rest; and that is if you should purchase a new forklift or a used one. Although, owning a brand-new forklift has its upsides, purchasing the right “used forklift” can be extremely beneficial in its way. The majority of industrial consumers look at cost or pricing as their primary factor before purchasing a unit, because forklifts are considered to be an indirect material to most operations.

So, if you’re looking for a great used forklift supplier, or even a genuinely good quality second-hand forklift or even an extremely cheap forklift for sale or rental… Look no further folks, because SELKA is here to help you out. SELKA is the leading supplier for forklift Johor and also one of the premier forklift suppliers in Malaysia. We will be able to guide you to select the best-used forklift possible.

Therefore, if you are running a business, we suggest going for a properly used forklift or reconditioned forklift which will do the job as good and also cost you almost half the price. However, most people who love the cost of cheap forklifts, also fear the condition of the equipment as well.

Here at SELKA, we have our unique way of refurbishing used forklifts before we provide them for forklift rental or forklift for sale. We invented the “8-Step refurbishing process” which starts from importing the best secondhand forklifts, all the way to delivery at your doorstep. We perform all major repair works such as forklift engine overhaul, forklift gearbox overhaul, forklift hydraulic pump repair, and much more before sending it out for forklift rental or a forklift sale.

Besides cost, used forklifts, reconditioned forklifts, and second-hand forklifts are a good buy because of the availability of spare parts. Many new forklifts are great in terms of performance, however, sometimes the forklift spare parts for this equipment might be limited in the market.

At SELKA, we have tried and tested almost all brands of forklift in the market. We decided to go with mainly supplying Toyota forklifts, Toyota used forklifts and Toyota second-hand forklifts; one of its core reasons being the availability of the spare parts.

Another reason to buy a used forklift is the readily available equipment itself. Purchasing a new unit can take up to months before being delivered to you. Where else, used forklifts or second-hand forklifts might be readily available for you to choose and immediately have the unit delivered to your site.

Here at SELKA, we do have a huge fleet of the second-hand forklift at your convenience to choose from. All you would have to do is select a unit from our website or give one of our trusted staff a call to guide you through.

To simplify it, purchasing a used forklift or second-hand forklift can be a nightmare for those who solely look at pricing factors alone. What makes it even worse, is not having a trusted forklift supplier to guide you along the way. This is why we would strongly recommend you give us a chance to become your trusted partner in this journey.

Besides the forklift year and forklift price, here are some critical tips provided to our customers to go for purchase or select rental of used forklifts/rental of second-hand forklifts.

Types of Forklift 

There are only a few basic types of forklift and other equipment used in the industrial space. Furthermore, the main forklift fuel types are Diesel, LPG, and Electric/Battery. Depending on your business, you would have to select the forklift which is best suited for your operations.  At SELKA, we have all forklift types available for forklift sale and forklift rental. We can guide you to select the best option for your forklift purchase or forklift rental. The types of equipment are the following:-

  • Electric or Battery forklifts

Battery-powered forklifts are normally used for indoor operations and activities. Furthermore, the surfaces of the flooring need to be smooth and flat. The main plus point of using a battery forklift is that it doesn’t produce smoke emission. Additionally, battery forklifts do not require diesel or gasoline to be refilled for the usage which helps in cost reduction. Battery forklifts typically range from 1.0 ton to 3.0-ton capacity.

  • Electric / Battery Reach trucks

The Reach Truck is often used for warehouse operations. This type of machine is not often used outside but generally used for indoor racking. The reach of this machine can go very high (10 meters) and this is something that forklifts can’t attain. The legs offer support to the machine, therefore, making any weight to counterbalance the lift unnecessary. Reach trucks typically range from 1.0 ton to 2.5 ton capacity but height can be up to 10 meters high.

  • Petrol / LPG forklifts

LPG & Petrol-powered forklifts are engine forklifts that are better suited to heavier outdoor usage. LPG & Petrol-powered forklifts, like battery forklifts, produce no emission compared to diesel forklifts. LPG forklifts can be operated for long hours and can be refueled when required. LPG forklifts typically range from 1.5 ton to 7.0-ton incapacity

  • Diesel forklifts

The major benefit of diesel forklifts is the power aspect. Diesel engines are used mainly in outdoors, and large handling requirements. Diesel forklifts are known for their heavy-duty usage and lift to a very heavy capacity. Diesel forklifts can range from 1.5 ton to 50.0-ton capacity wise.

  • Stackers & Power Pallet Truck

Stackers and Power Pallet Trucks are designed to have the operator walk behind the truck. It is normally used for smaller operations and tight spaces. There are a variety of different types of walkies, some of which have a platform for the operator to stand on. Power pallet trucks typically range from 1.0 tons to 2.5 tons in capacity.

With SELKA, you will receive a great forklift supplier who can escort you perfectly through the process of the used forklift sale or used forklift rental without any hassle. Furthermore, with our experience of 20 years in the forklift industry, we can tell you every mistake in the book so you can avoid making those costly errors.

Forklift Brand 

At SELKA, we have tried and tested almost all forklift brands, and we primarily supply Toyota forklift for sale and also Toyota forklift for rental. We mainly specialize in used Toyota forklifts but also provide brand new Toyota forklift upon customer request.

Forklift Capacity  

At SELKA, we help you select the most suitable capacity forklift for your forklift operations. Since there is a large variety of capacity to choose from, selecting the proper forklift can be quite tricky. Forklift tonnage can start from 1 ton and go all the way up to 50 tons and more. By providing some basic info on your load weight and height, we can guide you to select the ideal capacity forklift for your usage.