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Forklift Outdoor Operations Safety Tips

Outdoor forklift usage can be quite different from indoor operations. Thus, many people tend to overlook certain precautions and safety tips while carrying out their outdoor operations. Therefore, here are a few guidelines to remember during training sessions if your employees will be using your forklifts in outdoor conditions.

Management should take the responsibility for the outdoor weather and temperature.

Management must provide the right equipment and gear for their forklift operators to face any environmental situation. That includes environments being too hot or too cold.

In this case, management should provide gloves, coats and winter gear for operators who are going to work in cold weather.

Identically, let’s use this same situation where your operators who working in cold weather, the management must invest in providing operators with trucks that has heated cabin. This is for their protection because their exposure will be your responsibilities.

The same rule applies to heat. If anything happens to your operators the fault will be on you to bear.

Monitor the forklift is very important and crucial in operations.

Accidents happen quite frequent when trucks operate from indoor to outdoor areas. Those spots are considered hot spots and are infamous for accidents to happen. Under the circumstance, it’s best if we stay focus and keep a look out

For any sudden changes in our environment. For instance, lighting, visibility, wetness of the floor and many other factors. Another solution we can imply is to provide our employees with proper training to navigate through these changes and finish their task.

Other situations that involve slopes and gaps also depends on the training that provided to our employees and more importantly the experience of our operators.

Our personal opinion is to not let newly joined operators’ operator in areas where there are slopes and gaps. It’s best if an experienced operator operates the trucks, by this way we can minimize the risk of an accident to happen.

Sudden traffic changes might occur.

Traffic and other obstacles are also an important factor that operators should keep in their mind. For instance, employees that are handling materials often travel between areas that are open to public. In these situations, employees must be extra aware of their surroundings, remember to use their signals and control their speed.

Maintenance requirements.

Formal training must be given to all employees so they can understand the standard and expectations you have on them. If you have safety rules for your forklifts, batteries, propane tanks, your employee must abide and follow them.

Outdoor storage may require special attention to battery life, rust and other things. On the other hand, Indoor storage may need attention to fire prevention and other things too.

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