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Forklift Rental Gelang Patah & PTP

Forklift Rental Service Gelang Patah & PTP

  • Selka has been providing forklift rental service in Gelang Patah & Port Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) for over 20 years.
  •  In addition,we have a huge fleet of forklifts available for rental as soon as there is as order. To illustrate, this provides us an advantage to meet customers requirements and demands.
  • However, having a huge fleet of forklifts is not the only advantage selka has. This is because having a huge forklift fleet nowadays has become a norm among forklift suppliers.
  • In particular, Selka differs from other forklift suppliers in terms of commitment and dedication towards our clients. To illustrate, we are willing to give 100% of our effort to ensure that our clients will have 0 headache in their forklift operations.
  • In addition, our forklifts are guaranteed to be in the best condition as all our forklifts goes through our “8 Step Refurbishment” process which ensures our forklifts to be in the most optimal condition.
  • Furthermore, performance of the forklift during the rental period does not only depend on the condition of the forklift, but it also heavily depends on the service & maintenance plan.
  • On the contrary, providing forklift rental service is a very tedious job but due to the years of experience that SELKA has had, we have managed to incorporate many systems in order to provide the best forklift rental service for our clients.
  • That is why Selka differs from other forklift suppliers as we have a wide fleet of technicians in Gelang Patah & PTP to handle any forklift breakdown within 2 hours.
  • For more information on our forklift services in Gelang Patah & PTP, just click the link below and chat with us.
Forklift rental Gelang Patath

Areas we provide our service

  • At the left you can see the locations of where Selka  is providing their forklift rental service in Gelang Patah and PTP
  • In addition, we have always kept improving constantly to provide the best service for our clients.
  • However, the performance of the forklift does not only depend on the forklift provider.
  • Above all, the forklift operator should also do what he can to ensure that the forklift is in optimal condition. For example, the operator should always ensure that the forklift has enough water in the radiator. Likewise, they should always perform a pre-start inspection prior to using the forklift.
  • In fact, all the lubricants such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, etc should be checked on a daily basis.
  • For this purpose, SELKA has come up with their very own forklift pre-start checklist. You can make sure that your forklift operator takes care of his forklift by downloading our “Free Pre-Start Forklift Checklist” 

Some of the Locations Where we provide our forklift Rental Services

Benefits of Renting Forklift from SELKA

  • Since SELKA’s Primary goal is to become the NUMBER 1# forklift rental service provider in MALAYISIA, we have incorporated many systems to make our forklift rental service the best.
  • For instance, selka has incorporated the 3S system in order to be the most efficient and effective forklift rental service provider in Gelang Patah & PTP.
  • Therefore, the service and maintenance of the rented forklifts are ensured to be done on time. By doing so, the forklift will always be kept at a good running condition.
  • In addition to the 3S system, Selka has also created a Forklift Tracker App which uses a cloud system to keep track of the forklifts during their rental period.
  • In conclusion, SELKA are not your regular forklift rental service provider. Our goal is to be the best forklift rental service provider, thus we are constantly improving and progressing to achieve our GOAL.
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