Services Forklift Repair & Maintenance

  • Selka provide repair and maintenance services for customers who owns their own forklifts
  • Selka has a wide fleet of technicians located all over Johor to perform the fastest repair and maintenance service for all our customers
  • Selka has an elite team which repairs battery forklifts, diesel forklifts & gas (LPG) forklifts
  • We have a huge fleet of technical team that will be able to address any breakdowns within 2 hours
  • We will keep track of your service and update you when your forklift service is due
  • We will also provide necessary recommendation after inspecting your forklift to prevent major breakdown
  • Proper update & documentations
  • Efficient & effective repair work
  • We will also be able to provide a spare unit if your forklift has any major breakdown and requires few days to be repaired
  • We have technicians stand by at these locations
    • Pasir gudang
    • Tanjung langsat
    • Silk nusajaya
    • Port tanjung
    • Pelepas (PTP)
    • Kulai
    • Tampoi etc
  • All just a phone call away to come and address your forklift problems.
toyota repair

Forklift Repair & Maintenance

Tired of finding the right people to maintain your forklifts?? Fear no more guys!!

Although SELKA is a prominent supplier of forklift rental in Johor, during the early days, we started off as a forklift supplier who provide forklift repair service for most of our customers in the area. The reason why we are able to currently dominate the market for forklift rental Johor is due to the fact that we have many technicians who have the experience of repairing forklifts for a long time in the industry. We also have certain procedures and guidelines to standardize the repair process; “the 7-Step trouble shoot process”.

For our brand new and used forklift fleet, we primarily supply Toyota forklifts for rental and Toyota forklift for sale. However, we do provide repair services for our customers who have various brands of forklift.

The biggest fear that customers usually have is the dreaded cost, when it comes to forklift repair. However, SELKA typically evaluates the problem and provides a rough estimate before performing any repair works; so customers can have an idea of the price range beforehand.

For the past 20 years, we are providing repair services for the majority areas for forklift Johor. These areas also include repairs for forklift Pasir Gudang, repairs for forklift Gelang Patah, repair for forklift Senai and many other major areas.

The following are a few categories of forklift repair & maintenance services that we offer: –

Periodic Forklift Services

SELKA provides routine services for many of its forklift Johor customers. We also do provide complete forklift major service upon request. Many of our customers have requested us to provide them a preventive maintenance plan to take care of their forklifts and used forklifts. Here are a few benefits from periodic maintenance.

  1. Improved performance
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Safety Aspect
  4. Better Operation capacity
  5. Longer life of forklift

Forklift Trouble-shooting

SELKA also provides trouble shooting services for customers’ forklift which experience breakdowns. We have a huge number of technician teams who are always on standby and ready to handle troubleshooting problems. Our competitive advantage is this segment is our speed or fast response time. Stated as part of our 3S System, SELKA receives and attends the complaint with immediate effect and ensures our customers experience the least amount of downtime possible. We also provide major repair works for forklifts. In cases where the repair cannot be done at the customer’s site, we will transport the unit back to our site with our own forklift transport lorry. In most cases, we will provide a replacement forklift for a very minimal cost to assist our customers to run their operations.

Wide range of forklift brand & repair works.

Although we specialize in Toyota forklifts and Toyota used forklifts, we provide repair works for for many brands and types. Our range of services include repair for diesel forklifts, LPG forklifts and electric or battery forklifts. We also provide repair works for electric reach trucks and stackers. Our skillset of repair includes forklift engine overhauls, forklift gearbox overhaul, forklift hydraulics repair, forklift tyres and many more.

Basically, we have the knowledge, strategy and experience to solve all of your forklift associated problems. If you ever face a breakdown once more, all you have to do is call SELKA and we will be at your service at once!