Forklift Truck – 8 Step Refurbishment

Forklift Truck – 8 Step Refurbishment

SELKA’s Forklift Truck goes through the “8 Step Refurbishment” process to ensure that the forklift is in perfect and ideal condition. The 8 refurbishment process will be done at the headquarters of Selka which is located at Johor, Desa cemerlang. You can see how the forklift is refurbished from scratch on your right. All the forklifts such as battery forklift, diesel forklift, gas forklift, reach trucks & stackers will all go through the 8 step refurbishment process and we will replace any parts which are more than 40% worn out.

We also have a Video of The “8 Step Refurbishment” process you can watch Here.
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What Forklift Truck Brand we deal with?

After years of dealing with all types of forklift brands, we decided to zero down to just dealing with Toyota Forklifts. This is mainly due to the fact that Toyota Forklift Truck are extremely durable. They are heavy duty forklifts which can really put in the work, moreover, the spare parts for these Toyota forklifts are very easy to obtain. Making it easier for forklift dealers such as us to carry out our refurbishment work.

How many ton Forklifts do we deal with?

Sizes of forklifts mainly depends on the load that the forklift is going to lift. The Forklift tonnage can start from 1 ton and go all the way up to 50 tons and more. By providing some basic info on your load weight and height, we will be able to guide you to select the ideal capacity forklift for your usage. At SELKA, we help you select the most suitable capacity forklift for your forklift operations because we care about your forklift operation.
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