Free Forklift Checklist for you to download and you in order to keep track of your forklifts. We use this Forklift Checklist on our day to day routine in order to ensure the forklift is in optimal condition. You can test it out yourself and let us know how it has helped you. All you have to do is click the download button and fill up your e-mail. We will send you a copy of our Forklift Checklist.

Selka is also coming up with its very own Forklift Tracker App which help users Keep track of their forklifts or forklift they have rented. More News regarding that in the Future. We will keep you posted.

This Free Forklift Guide helps readers to understand more about forklifts and what are the basic things you need to know about the forklift. It will help you decide if you need to buy or rent a forklift and other more valuable informations.

Why do you need this checklist you ask? Well if you want to ensure your forklift is running on its best condition you need to use this checklist. It help you monitor and track everything about your forklift. These checklist comes with aided diagrams in order for users to inspect their forklift with their respective operators.

6 Things You Must Check To Maintain Your Forklift was published based on the 20 years experience we spent with the forklifts. We have zeroed down the forklift to the most important 6 things that you have to check in order for your forklift to give its best performance.

Here is an e-book to mainly help deal with the safety issues circulating a forklift. Your what’s?,how’s?,why’s? regarding forklift safety will be answered on this free e-book.

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