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increase battery forklift lifespan

The health and maintenance of your batteries mainly depends on the power and efficiency of your battery forklifts. The battery forklifts is only as useful as the battery it, therefore, encourage your operators to keep battery health in mind throughout their daily routines. Thus, to make lives easier, we are giving away a few simple tips to help you extend you battery forklift lifespan.

Scheduled Maintenance for Battery Forklift

  • Sulphonation is the most common problem faced by battery forklift operators; for those of you who do not know what is sulphonation is, sulphonation is the formation of blue powder like substance around the battery connectors head. Please refer to the image below for more clarification.
    In fact, sulphonation is the main reason for a battery of battery forklifts to condemn. In order to avoid this, if you see any blue or white powder forming on your battery connector, immediately call your forklift technician.


battery Sulphonation

Do not let your battery go below 20%

  • When a battery falls below 20%, the electrical components such as, the main card, drive motor & ETC will start to get hot. As time goes on, the electrical components will create serious problems such as hydraulic system slows down and malfunction motors. To avoid this, please charge your battery forklift overnight without interruption.

Please do not ever opportunity charge

  • Opportunity charging means that the operators chargers the battery for a short amount of time. The battery lifespan will drastically reduce when this is done continuously. Please avoid opportunity charging and try to practice charging the battery forklifts overnight (at least 8 hours)

Make sure to maintain your battery water and acid level.

  • ย Battery water is like diesel for battery forklift. Thus, ensuring that the battery has sufficient level of battery water is extremely crucial. Operators should check the battery water level on a daily basis. Moreover, operators should top-up battery water for the forklift prior to charging. A low battery water level battery forklift will start to give many problems in the long run. Therefore, practice maintaining your battery water level on a daily basis.

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