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Battery Forklift Maintenance Tips

Battery forklift is currently high in demand because of its ECO-Friendly nature. Due to its ZERO smoke emission nature, battery forklift is the most suitable forklift to use indoors.Β  Nonetheless, being in the forklift industry for over 20 years, we have came up with a few tips in order to maintain your forklift better. This is because many people do not know these informations and we would want to make sure that everyone knows and understand it.

5 tips on how to maintain your Battery Forklifts

  1. Charge your battery forklifts properly.
    Operators should charge the battery forklifts everyday for at least 6 to 8 hours in order for the battery to be fully charged.
    This is important because many people will “Opportunity charge” their battery forklifts.
    This means that they will not fully leave the battery to charge but rather they charge the battery for an hour or 2 when they have the chance to do it. This will reduce the battery lifespan drastically.
  2. Make sure the battery water is sufficient.
    Battery water level plays an important role is maintaining your forklift. Please ensure that the operator’s fill up the battery water to a sufficient level prior to charging the battery. This will ensure that the acid levels in the battery is maintained.
  3. Water particles are very unfriendly towards battery forklifts.
    This is a common known fact that a battery forklift should avoid water or wet areas at all cost. A small water particle may short circuit the whole electrical component.
  4. When charging, try to charge the forklift in a well ventilated area.
    During the charging period, the forklift will tend to heat up, thus charging it in a well ventilated area will help reduce the heat emission of the forklift. Also, make sure to lift up the bonnet when charging to have more air flow.
  5. Please use a battery charger / transformer to charge your forklift.
    We have seen many people who charge their forklift with just a cable which they plug into a normal socket and directly link it to the forklift body. This way of charging will not Work in Malaysia as the power output differs from the power output from Japan. The battery will be under power or overpowered when charged with a cable in Malaysia. So using a transformer will ensure that the power output is perfect for the battery forklift.

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