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Selka has many Forklift for sale If you are looking to buy used forklifts anywhere in Malaysia. The forklifts for sale here are reconditioned to the highest quality.

Usually, forklifts sold in Malaysia are sold as it is condition, but at Selka the used diesel forklifts go through the same 8 step refurbishment process.

Click on the link below to watch how we do it.

8 Step Refurbishment Process.

Buy forflifts from Selka at best prices

Used Forklift for Sale


We have many reason for you to buy you Used forklifts from us
  • All the forklift for sale here will go through our “8 Step Refurbishment Process“.
  • Our forklifts are hand picked from Japan & Europe more over the forklifts are not more than 5 years old.
  • Selka provides 6 months warranty and 2 free routine service for our clients
  • The forklifts for sale at Selka will be sold at a competitive cost.
  • Free replacement if the forklift breakdowns.
Selka is constantly improving on their refurbishing process by constantly trying to make the process faster. Selka supplies all brands of forklifts in the initials days but however we decided to go with mainly supplying Toyota forklifts, one of its core reasons being the availability of the spare parts. That is why all our forklifts for sale here are Toyota forklifts If you are unclear whether to buy or rent a forklift. Please download our E-Book (The Forklift Guide) which may help clarify your doubts regarding forklifts. The Forklift Guide

Types of Forklift

Selka has a Wide Range of Forklifts for Sale. We have briefly explained below regarding all the types of forklifts that are for sale here at Selka.

  • Electric or Battery forklifts for sale – Battery-powered forklifts  will usually operate indoors because of the surfaces of the flooring and mainly to avoid smoke emission.
  • Electric / Battery Reach trucks for sale – The Reach Truck operates in warehouse because of its ability to perform indoor racking.
  • Petrol / LPG forklifts for sale – LPG & Petrol-powered forklifts operates outdoors but are not as heavy duty when compared to a diesel forklift due to its internal combustion engineering.
  • Diesel forklifts for sale – Diesel forklifts can be called as the King of Forklifts as the forklifts are the most durable forklifts there are.  It operates outdoors and sometimes indoors, depending on the usage.
  • Stackers & Power Pallet Truck – designed to have the operator walk behind the truck. It is normally used for smaller operations and tight spaces. There are a variety of different types of walkies, some of which have a platform for the operator to stand on. Power pallet trucks typically range from 1.0 tons to 2.5 tons in capacity.

All these types of forklift are for sale here at selka so just set with us an appointment by clicking on the “Whatsapp Icon“.

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