Forklift Repair & Maintenance

Forklift Repair Service for Areas Near Johor up to Selangor

  • Selka provides Forklift Repair Service for customers who owns their own forklifts. We have a wide fleet of technicians located all over Johor up to Selangor to perform the fastest forklift service for all our clients.
  • Speed is one of our top priority as you can see in our “3S System”.

How fast will our technicians address you forklift issues?

  • Our well trained technicians will be able to address any breakdowns within 2 hours within certain areas. Because we have a wide fleet of technicians standby at certain locations.
  • We can also help keep track clients forklifts service due date and further using our Forklift Tracker App. The Forklift Tracker App will allow clients to be  updated with all the repair work.
selka forklift under repair maintainance
forklift under repair

Periodic Forklift Repair Service

What is a forklift preventive maintenance plan?

At Selka, We want to handle all your forklift headaches  because at the end of the day that is our key concern. Many of our customers have requested us to provide them a preventive maintenance plan to take care of their forklifts repair service. Selka handle’s everything regarding our clients forklifts and here are few benefits from periodic maintenance.

  1. Improved performance
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Safety Aspect
  4. Better Operation capacity
  5. Longer life of forklift

To know more about forklift periodic service click “here”.

Free Forklift Trouble-shooting

Do we charge for when we come an inspect our clients forklifts?

SELKA  provides free forklift trouble shooting services for client who are located near our locations. Stated as part of our 3S System, SELKA has a team of technician who will be able to attend to the complaints with immediate effect.

How about some cases where the forklift downtime is longer than 2 days?

  • Selka will be able to provide a replacement forklift for low cost and collect your forklift.
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