The 3S System

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The 3S System

The 3S System consists of Safety, Speed and Structure.

After years of trial and error, SELKA finally came out with its very own 3S System to handle our forklift rental fleet. By following the 3S System, SELKA ensures that your forklift will perform optimally.

3S System Goals:

Achieve a safe environment at the Work Place
Reduce downtime of the forklift
Always be able to Track your Forklift


Forklift safety is extremely crucial. Companies and authorities are making sure that the work environment for the staff has to be safe to reduce accidents. We at SELKA understand the importance of Safety when it comes to forklifts..

Selka ensures their clients that :

The forklift rental fleet goes through complete quality control (QC) before delivery. You can get the QC form by clicking here.

Technicians who perform maintenance are required to have complete PPE

Forklifts will also be equipped with complete PPE

We provide basic forklift safety training and operator training to ensure our customers know how to operate the forklifts safely.
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As we all know, “Time Is Money”. Even more so in the industrial line where every hour of wastage is considered costly. We at SELKA realized the importance of forklifts in our customers’ day to day operations. So we have came up with a few ways to provide our clients with forklift technical assistants in order to avoid forklift downtime in their day to day operations..

Selka provides:

Technical support at all our rental location.

Free spare forklift if the breakdown takes longer than 2 days
We also have a strategic and systemized repair manual that all our technicians should comply which also gives us a competitive advantage over others.


Our objective with Structure is to be organized and transparent with our clients. We have a proper service chart which the customers can also monitor online using our Forklift Tracker. Using the forklift tracker you can track when your forklift service is due, how often does your forklift breakdown & what are the parts replaced for your forklift.

These are the vital elements that help a forklift operation run efficiently. By emphasizing standards in the three elements which are speed, safety & structure; SELKA has derived a method to provide optimum service and performance for its customers with ease.

Go for 3S to eliminate your forklift headaches once and for all!!
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