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Forklift Checking

No equipment lasts forever without routine and proactive maintenance no matter how well well-built your lifting equipment may be.

So, in order to be safe than sorry, operations managers should require team members to perform daily checks and monitor key indicators of the equipment functions.
Here are a few tips and considerations to keep in mind during your daily checking.

Develop a physical check list.

We cannot emphasis enough on how important a daily checklist is for the equipment maintenance. The daily checklist should involve a completion and sign-off for each item. Either on a printed sheet or a digital tablet, operators should check an actual box after reviewing each components on the checklist. We strongly suggest not to expect operators to mentally review each item without prompting or sign-off.

Place high-priority items at the top.

The day’s list should prioritize the most important components such as fuel levels, battery condition and safety restraints rather than general body condition. Fuel levels require regular and frequent action.

Conduct spot checks.

Operators should check the items off on the checklist every day, however, that doesn’t mean they comply fully every single day.

Managers and supervisors should conduct regular spot checks to make sure each component and maintenance item gets the full attention it deserves.

Create a channel for future, not just active, maintenance concerns.

Sometimes a problem is not obvious, but still requires documentation or reporting. Make sure operators have access to a reporting channel for maintenance concerns that require no present action, but may need attention in the future.

Respond to reported issues immediately.

During the inspection, if there are any minor problems that are visible to the operators, we highly recommend that the problem be taken care of immediately. This is because, sometimes a problem may seem small at the beginning but the consequences may be colossal.

If you need a checklist, please click on the link below to download it for free.

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