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Reduce Diesel Forklift Smoke Emission

Tips to Reduce Diesel Forklift Smoke Emission

  • Currently many companies are using diesel forklift for their daily operation as diesel forklift is the most commonly used for heavy duty lifting work. But the downside to using diesel forklift in your daily operation is that it produces a lot of smoke emission. Diesel engine, like other internal combustion engines, converts chemical energy contained in the fuel into mechanical power. Diesel fuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons which—during an ideal combustion process—would produce only carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O).
  • The effects of this carbon dioxide emission is much worst when diesel forklifts are used in warehouses indoors which do not have proper ventilation. The smoke emission can be considered to be harmful towards operators in the long run.
    Here is an article on WAREHOUSE SAFETY OPTIMIZATION: EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY ISSUES for more information.
  • Thus, If you are a planet lover like us, this read is for you because we have a few ways to reduce the negative effects of this smoke emission such as:

Install Forklift Spark Arrestor

We know that the main reason to install a forklift spark arrestor is to prevent emission of flammable debris from combustion sources, such as internal combustion engines, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves. But it also helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission.

forklift spark arrestor

Forklift Spark Arrestor

Install Catalytic Converters

You can also reduce harmful forklift fuel emissions by installing catalytic converters on your lift trucks. Catalytic converters can help reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the raw exhaust gas. It does this by converting the harmful emission gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide into less harmful emissions such as nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Service your Diesel Forklift on Time

As we have said countless times, an on time routine service is crucial for your forklift. Servicing your forklifts on time plays an important role is harmful smoke emission. Surveys have proven that when a forklift is maintained at optimal condition, the smoke emission is said to be far less compared to a forklift that have not been maintained well.

Fuel Pump & Nozzle Service

Fuel pump is the pump which takes the fuel from the diesel tank and supplies it to the engine via the nozzle for internal combustion. Thus maintaining your forklift’s fuel pump plays a very crucial part in the harmful fuel emissions. If the fuel pump is not serviced as scheduled, dirty combustion is set to take place in the combustion chambers of the engine. Another important part to always keep clean and maintained is the nozzle of the fuel pump. This is because as the engine performs combustion on a daily basis, a lot of debris will be stuck on the nozzle. Therefore, servicing the nozzle of time helps promote clean combustion and reduces harmful smoke emission from the forklift.

forklift fuel pump

Forklift Fuel pump

Replace to Battery Forklifts

We know this is not a solution to the carbon dioxide emission problem but we personally feel that battery forklifts will take over the forklift industry in the near future. With the latest break through in lithium-ion battery, we predict that larger capacity battery forklifts will hit the market soon. But this is for the future, so currently if you are using forklifts which are 2.5ton and below, we suggest you to replace your diesel forklifts to a battery powered forklift.

forklift lithium battery

Forklift Lithium Battery

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