Why Choose Us?

After years of trial and error, Selka has created a system to integrate it into forklift operations. The system is known as the 3S system. By following the 3S system Selka ensures a safe environment of work for the operators, reduces downtime of the forklift, and a well updated and documented service as well.

Selka are the number #1 forklift service provider in Johor and is planning to be the number #1 forklift service provider in Malaysia soon. This is because we provide 100% commitment to our customer and ensure to eliminate all your headaches when it comes to forklift operations. Based in Desa cemerlang, Johor, Selka has been one of the biggest forklift service provider all over Johor. Renting over 200 forklifts all over Pasir Gudang, Nusajaya, Gelang patah, Port tanjung, Pelepas, Tanjung langsat, Johor bahru & many more places.


To simply answer your question, WE ARE THE BEST!!

However, on a more serious note, there are many reasons why SELKA is considered the No.1 forklift supplier for forklift Johor. We have been in the forklift industry for the past 20 years and we can assist you in making the best possible choice when it comes to forklift rental, forklift sale or forklift repair.

We are a neutral forklift supplier in Johor which is not affiliated with any brands; catering the most suitable forklift for our customers’ needs. In SELKA, we guarantee professionalism and 100% commitment to all our customers. And yes, for those who are wondering, we have seen it all; from forklift sales to forklift rental to forklift repair and maintenance, we have over thousands of hours of experience secured under our belts. We also mainly supply Toyota forklifts for used forklift rental and second hand forklift, but we also provide forklift repair service to many other brands.

Furthermore, SELKA has also created a systematic forklift plan called the “3S”. In which we have incorporated Speed, Safety & Structure into all of our forklift operations.

When it comes to selecting a forklift supplier, the four biggest factors for you to make a decision are the following; good condition forklifts, service quality, customer care and pricing. We believe our brand and company excels in all four of these factors.

Top Condition Forklifts

We have a large fleet of reconditioned forklifts which we supply for forklift rental and also second hand forklift for sale. Our forklifts range from 1.5 ton all the way up to 40 ton. Our used forklifts are only a few years (3 to 10 years old) of age. We hand pick units from overseas including Europe & Japan to be imported. Before adding the units into our already existing large fleet of used forklifts, we ensure that every unit goes to the “8-step refurbish process” to maximize the output efficiency of the forklifts. We supply the best used forklifts for forklift rental Johor and for forklift rental Nilai. Besides that, we also have used forklift for sale to be supplied nationwide and also for forklift exports. Moreover, we currently also supply brand new forklifts for forklift rental in the market depending on customer requirements.

Amazing Pricing

Here is the crazy part, we provide all the services above for a price that’s below most of our competitors in the market. Our prices are so reasonable that almost all our clients become repetitive customers and supporters of our brand. We even also provide many cheap forklift for sale and also many cheap forklift rental for customers who are on a budget constraint.

With all the factors above combined, it is impossible for you not to go with SELKA. And for those reasons, we believe that SELKA is the perfect choice when it comes to handling your forklift related needs.

Excellent Customer Care

With speed being our most liked element for customers, what comes hand in hand is our commitment towards our customer operations. All of our team members are required to have our established values towards our company and also our customers. We ensure that when it comes to forklift rental or even repairing our customers forklifts, we treat the equipment like its our own and provide the best support service possible. We attend breakdowns at a very quick pace and respond to troubleshooting problems immediately. With everything said and done, SELKA can guaranteed a high-level commitment towards its customers. This has been a contributing factor to why we are one of the top forklift suppliers in the forklift Johor market. We make sure that all our team members act and conduct themselves as professionals. From service to documentation or even to phone calls, we treat every customer with priority and concern towards their operations. Our key goal is to eliminate headache when it comes to customers’ forklifts operations.

Service Quality

In the market, SELKA provides various types of forklift services that cater to different types of customer requirements. SELKA provides forklifts for sale, forklift rental, forklift repair and forklift maintenance. Although we are the specialist in forklift rental, we also provide excellent service for customers who need to buy used forklifts and also for customers who need forklift repair jobs. Besides our top-quality forklifts, our team of technicians are experts in the field. With a combined experience of 200 years of expertise, our team of technicians can help solve almost any problems related to forklifts. Furthermore, speed is our most appreciated element with our customers. Upon receiving calls related to forklift troubleshooting, SELKS dispatches our team at top speed to attend customer breakdowns. Because, we know that “time is money”. We also provide repair works such as forklift engine overhaul, forklift gearbox repair, and many other major forklift repair-works as well. Additionally, referring to our specialized rental skills, SELKA’s services consist of forklift rental and we dominate the Johor market. We provide services for forklift rental Pasir Gudang, for forklift rental Nusa Cemerlang, for forklift rental Tanjung Langsat, and many other areas in the state.