Forklift Training Malaysia : Safety & Technical Training Course.

Improve your forklift safety and reduce the risk of forklift accidents with our forklift training services.

Improve Your Workplace Safety with Our Forklift Training.

Forklift training session in Johor

Forklift Safety Training improves the safety of your production line which involves employees, equipment and goods.   It’s important to take steps to protect yourself and others around you, our specialized course will teach you how to operate a forklift safely and effectively.  With our help, you can guarantee that your workplace is as safe as possible.

Why Do You Need Selka’s Forklift Safety Training?

Forklift training helps you avoid injuries and accidents. A forklift is a dangerous machine, and without proper training, you could be seriously injured or killed.

In Selka, Our Forklift Training session will teach you how to use the controls properly so that you don’t cause an accident. This includes learning how to operate the machine safely, how to respond if something goes wrong, and how to stay safe while working.

We will also teach you basic inspection and maintenance techniques for your forklift. This will help you maintain your forklift’s condition for a longer time and reduces the risk of any sudden breakdowns.

Toyota forklift practical training session in Johor

In House and Hands-on Forklift Training Session

A hands-on forklift training session is the best way to learn the basics. During this session, you’ll get to practice the skills you learned by working with a real forklift. This will give you the practical experience you need to operate the forklift in a safe manner. You will also learn about safety guidelines, Proper lifting techniques, and more. This will give you a better understanding of how to operate the machine. Our Practical Forklift Training Session includes:

  • Forklift Inspection Techniques
  • Basic Forklift Driving
  • Loading and Unloading Cargo
  • Forklift Safety Practices
  • Moving Heavy Objects and more


Selka's Forklift Training Process

Before renting a forklift, it’s important for you to fully understand the whole process involved in an efficient forklift rental plan. 

Forklift Theory Session

  • Forklift presentation will be provided.
  • Presentation includes forklift safety , forklift parts name and forklift functions.

Practical Forklift Training

  • Hands-on forklift training session.
  • Training includes basic inspection, operational training and forklift safety training.

Forklift Competency Test

  • A Forklift Competency test will be held at the end of training.
  • The test is to ensure that you fully understood what you have learned.

Forklift Certification

  • A forklift competency card and certificate will be given after a few days.

Forklift Training Experts In Johor

After years of experience in the forklift industry, we have a fully structured training course to help you learn and apply new skills to your forklifts.  

  • Desa Cemerlang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Johor Jaya
  • Gelang Patah
  • Nusajaya
  • Tanjung Langsat
  • Masai
  • Senai
  • Pasir Gudang
  • Mount Austin
  • Kulai

Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Training In Malaysia

The training course duration is 1-2 days long.

The Entire Course which includes forklift operator competency test, theory and practical forklift training session.

Forklift training is important for a number of reasons. First, forklift training can help you avoid accidents. By learning how to use a forklift safely, you’ll be able to handle objects more efficiently and avoid injuries while working. Second, forklift training can help you improve your efficiency while working. By becoming familiar with the controls of a forklift, you’ll be able to work more quickly and efficiently. Finally, forklift training can help you learn new tasks. By taking forklift training classes, you can learn new procedures and skills that will help you in your career.

We recommend that you attend a forklift training course yearly. Attending the training course yearly can keep you up to date with the forklift safety guidelines and  it helps you refresh everything that you have learned so far.

In order to operate a forklift, you must have proper training. Without training, you could put yourself and others at risk of injury. Our course will cover topics such as how to safely operate the forklift, how to load and unload materials, and how to perform maintenance on the forklift which can be beneficial for you.

The answer is Yes!

After completing the forklift training, trainees will receive a Forklift Competency Certification. This certification indicates that the holder has the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a forklift safely. This certification is also proof that the trainee has completed the necessary training and is now competent to operate a forklift.

Selka’s Other Forklift Services

On top of providing expert forklift training courses, we also provide many types of forklift services. It includes , forklift rental ,forklift repair ,forklift for sale, Reach truck services ,hand pallet services and more.

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