toyota forklift 2.5 ton In Malaysia | High Quality Recondition Units Available !

Here at Selka Equipments, We specialize in offering high quality Toyota 2.5 Ton Forklifts for sale in Malaysia. Our Forklifts come with many benefits such as a 1 year warranty, brand new set of tyres  , and MORE !

Toyota 2.5 ton forklift Categories : Diesel, Battery and LPG!

These are some of the Toyota 2.5-ton forklifts we have for sale. They are here to represent the different types of forklifts. Click on the type you prefer, and it will take you to the category showcasing all the forklifts we currently have in stock.

toyota-forklift-2.5-ton for sale in Malaysia

Multiple Types of Forklifts Available!

Brand New , Reconditioned & Second-Hand used forklifts

We understand that budgets are a key consideration when it comes to purchasing a forklift. That’s why we offer a variety of forklifts in different conditions to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs and financial constraints.

Even if you can’t afford the latest model, our fleet is sure to have a forklift that meets your specific requirements. No matter your budget or project demands, we guarantee to deliver the perfect 2.5-ton Toyota forklift to keep your projects running smoothly.

Must-Know Details Before Making Your 2.5 Forklift Purchase!

Here are a few key factors that you should know before purchasing a forklift to make the process smoother and ensure you find the perfect forklift for your needs.

Type Of Forklift

There are 3 types of 2.5 tons you can choose from : Diesel, LPG. Battery (Includes Reach Trucks). Choose the type that best suits your companies requirements.

Tonnage Of The Load

Ensure that your goods weigh less than 2 tons to maintain the safety of both the forklift and operator. If your load equals or exceeds 2.5 tons, we advise opting for a heavier or larger forklift.

Special Requirements

Special requirements include the type of tyres, mast, and attachments.

 If you have any specific requests, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare them promptly for you.


Based on your budget, we can help you in choosing the appropriate forklift condition for your purchase:

Brand new, Reconditioned, Second-hand Forklifts.

Delivery Time

When do you need the forklift?

Depending on the time frame you give us, we adjust our process. If it's urgent, we act quickly to prepare the forklift.

For longer time frames, we conduct multiple tests and inspections to ensure top quality.

Toyota 2.5 ton forklift for sale in Johor

Special Offer : 1 Year Warranty 


Brand New Set Of Tyres


2 Free Routine Service | Worth up to Rm 800


Free Delivery Transportation


Fully Refurbished Unit | As Good As New !

Benefits of Purchasing From Us!

Here are some of the benefits that you will receive when choosing our forklifts:

1 Year Warranty

We are confident you won't even need it but for an extra boost of security, we offer a 1 year warranty for all our 2.5 ton reconditioned forklifts.

Brand New Tyres

Not only do you get a forklift that is as good as new, but we also include a brand new set of tires for you to truly get your money's worth!

2 Free Routine Service

We offer two free routine services to help sustain the forklift's condition over time, ensuring the longevity of its quality. Please note that terms and conditions apply.

Free Transportation

We will provide free transportation service to deliver your new forklift right to your doorstep; however, terms and conditions apply.

Guaranteed Quality & Value

What makes our 2.5 Ton forklifts so special?

Our forklifts undergo our very own 8-Step Refurbishment process, a series of steps we utilize to restore the forklifts to like-new condition. During this process, we replace and repair any worn parts, install new tires, and give them a fresh coat of paint. Essentially, you’re getting a brand-new forklift at half the price.

More Than Just Forklifts.

Our Advantage on Brand New Toyota Forklifts

Of course, you can always buy a brand-new Toyota forklift elsewhere. However, we offer much more than just equipment. When you choose Selka, you get our utmost support from administrative team to highly skilled technicians, all ready to help.

One of the big perks? Our commitment to speed: fast repairs and maintenance. If you encounter any issues, simply give us a call, and we’ll arrange for a technician to be on-site as quickly as possible.

Toyota 2.5 ton forklift for sale

Forklift Attachments Are Also Provided !

We know sometimes you might need a specialized fork for certain tasks. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back when it comes to forklift attachments for the forklifts you’re interested in.

We provide a wide range of forklift attachments that will help make sure you’re equipped with everything necessary to handle any task effortlessly. Forklift attachments such as :

  •  Push – Pull
  • Side Shift
  • Paper Roll Clamp
  • Rotator Attachment
  • Hinged Forks
  • Fork Positioner


A little bit about us...

Who is Selka Equipments ?

We are a forklift company with over 25 years of experience in the industry, based in Johor, Malaysia. Our goal is to be an exemplary organization for the automotive industry in Malaysia by providing top quality products and services.

Our Services

  • Forklift Rental
  • Forklift For Sale
  •  Forklift Repair
  • Forklift Training
  • Hand Pallet Repairs
  • Reach Trucks Services

Our Other Forklift Services

If you’re looking for other forklift services, don’t worry we can help you with that too. We offer a wide variety of forklift services including

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