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SELKA – Forklift Rental Johor Bahru

At Selka we provide the best Forklift Rental service in Johor Bahru because we are a well known reconditioned forklift dealer with over 20 years of experience. Our forklift rental campaign is extremely beneficial for end users who are looking for Forklift Rental service in Johor Bahru.
This is because SELKA has it’s own “3s System” forklift rental campaign which you can read more about. The “3s System” has helped Selka in providing the most reliable and dedicated forklift rental service. We have slowly branched out to providing forklift rental service in Negeri Sembilan & Selangor too.

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Repair & Maintenance Forklift  Forklift Rental Johor Bahru

As a pioneer in the Forklift industry in Johor Bahru, We also provide Repair & Maintenance service for clients who has their own forklifts. Striving to help handle all breakdowns and services the forklift requires so that our clients face 0 headache with their forklifts. How do we help solve your forklift problems you ask? Well its very simple because SELKA has its very own Forklift Tracker App to keep track and monitor our clients forklifts.

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Forklift for Sale Forklift Rental Johor Bahru

Looking to buy a reconditioned/used forklift? Then look no further because Selka has a huge fleet of reconditioned forklifts just waiting to be sold. All our forklifts are imported from overseas and has been through our “8 Step Refurbishment Process”.

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“8 Step Refurbishment Process” ensures that the forklifts major parts such as Engine,Gear-box, Hydraulic Pump & Fuel Pump are serviced so that clients do not face problems post delivery.

About Us

Being the Number #1 forklift rental Johor Bahru provider is constant work which we put in so that our clients are satisfied with our service.  20 years of forklift experience has helped in assisting clients in the making of best possible choice in their forklift choices. Moreover, we are motivated to improve daily towards achieving our goal which is to be ” The Best Forklift Rental Service Provider in Malaysia”.  Many systems has been implemented into SELKA’s work flow so that we provide our clients the best service.  ISO 9001 has also been implemented recently, thus we will be certified soon.

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