the best reach trucks available in the market!

Genuine Japan Imported Toyota Reach Trucks For Sale.

Our Toyota Reach Trucks are original models imported straight from Japan. With an original 6m(meter) mast and FBRS model, our reach trucks offer peak performance, efficiency, and reliability that make them a must have among warehouse operators worldwide.  

Guna Seelan
Guna Seelan
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Very good forklift repair in johor
Chemlayer Pte Ltd
Chemlayer Pte Ltd
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Good serving and professional job. Good job!
thiru veengadeshwar
thiru veengadeshwar
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Good forklift repair in johor helped solve my problem very fast... Highly recommend
Paramesvary Krishnan
Paramesvary Krishnan
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Good job 👏 selka..
Dinesh Dennis
Dinesh Dennis
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helped me get a toyota forklift last minute to use in johor. Fast service. Recommended!
Suria Kumar
Suria Kumar
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Good service. Highly Recommended.
Low Lap Yung
Low Lap Yung
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Very good service from them. Especially Ms Silvia are helpful.

Selka Equipments Sdn Bhd

The Best Forklift Service Provider In Malaysia

Selka Equipments is one of the leading forklift services providers in Malaysia. We are your one-stop solution for all your forklift needs, offering high quality and reliable services to solve any of your forklift problems.

About Us

What makes us the best forklift service providers in Malaysia?

With 20 years of experience in the forklift industry, our team has put their blood, sweat and tears to provide you headache-free solutions for your forklift problems. We constantly strive to deliver the ultimate forklift rental packages, forklift maintenance plans and affordable forklift prices. In Selka, we are 100% committed to all our customers ,we are always ready to assist you in solving your forklift needs.

We Strive To Always provide the best forklift services for you

At our company, we go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are getting the best possible service. Our team is dedicated to providing headache-free solutions for all of your forklift needs. We constantly strive to deliver the ultimate in all our forklift services which include forklift rental packages and maintenance services. So you can rest assured that you are getting the best service for your money and our team is 100% dedicated to helping you solve your forklift requirements.

Our Services

Long Lasting and Affordable Forklift Services

Upgrade your forklift experience with our cost-friendly and high quality forklift services which includes Forklift Rental, Forklift Repair and Forklift Sales.

its time to take your forklifts to the next level

The Best Forklift Company In Malaysia

Selka Equipments Sdn Bhd is one of the pioneer forklift company in Johor, Malaysia. With years of experience and knowledge, we are confident that we are equipped with the expertise to boost your forklifts efficiency and reduce your forklift downtime.

Our forklift team can provide you the best rental forklifts, forklift deals , repair and maintenance that will help you solve all your forklift needs and problems.

Our Inventory

Toyota Forklift Prices In Malaysia

From a brand new forklift to a second hand Toyota forklift, We have everything forklift related in stock and ready to go for you!

Toyota Reach Truck Prices In Malaysia

Japan imported Toyota reach trucks sold as it is condition. Our FBRS models allow you to lift higher with better stability.

Our Equipment

Learn More About Forklifts & Reach Trucks

There are so many forklifts and reach trucks available in the market nowadays and it can be quite confusing to choose the right equipment you need for the job. Don’t worry, we have provided all the essential information that you will need for choosing the perfect lift truck for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forklifts In Malaysia

  • A forklift is a powered industrial truck used  to lift and move heavy loads, such as pallets of materials, from one place to another. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different purposes. For example, a reach truck and a rough terrain forklifts are both forklifts but have different purposes.

There are many different types of forklifts. But the most common four in Malaysia are:

  • Battery Forklift which uses battery.
  • Diesel Forklift which uses Diesel as Fuel.
  • LPG Forklift which uses Petrol or Gasoline as Fuel.
  • Reach Trucks which also uses battery.
  • People think driving a forklift is same as a car, but that is not the case.

If you’d like to learn how to drive a forklift proprely, you can arrange a forklift training session with us. We’ll be happy to give you a in-depth tutorial for you.

  • We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and we have experienced every brand such as TCM, Toyota ,Mitsubishi ,Komatsu and others. For us, we recommend Toyota for 1 ton – 7 ton forklifts and above 7 ton we’ll usually go for TCM forklifts.
  • We normally provide a customised forklift price based on the requirements and needs of your company. Therefore, our Forklift specialist will provide a proper quote after understanding your operations and the nature of your business better.
  • We mainly focus in offering our forklift repair, forklift sales and forklift rental services in Johor, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Our Forklift Services

Looking for the best forklift services, well look no further because we offer top-notch forklift services which include

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